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Wednesday, February 17, 2021
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During the Covid pandemic students are allowed to register hours for volunteering for their immediate and extended family or neighbourhood. Activities like lawn mowing, baby sitting, stacking firewood, assisting in a sports league or community class like dance or working in the family business can be counted toward their grad requirement. The goal is for students to gain skills, contribute in a positive manner and build experiences for their resumes. Time logs can be picked  up in the Career Center or an email from the benefitting person or organization can be sent to Susan Percival, Career Center Coordinator (spercival@sd62.bc.ca) Please include activities, dates and hours of services provided.

The BC Ministry of Education requires that all students achieve a total of 30 hours of work experience in order to graduate. These hours can be through a paid job, a volunteer Work Experience placement or through volunteer hours. These hours must be accomplished and registered at school before a student is able to enroll in the Work Experience 12A or B courses. These courses recognize a students part time job, outside of school, and accrue 4 Grade 12 credits each.





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Edward Milne Community School
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please contact selected organization for more information
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please contact selected organization for more information
6218 Sooke Road
Sooke, BC V9Z 0G7


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