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About why we created this website.

While it is acknowledged that everything affects our health in some way, the Sooke Region Comunity Resources website is modeled on Canada's Social Determinants of Health and concentrates on factors that have a direct impact and focus on the health of our citizens.  This is not intended to be a comprehensive business directory. If you do not find the service you are looking for, please check out our ‘links’ page.  If you know of a service in the Sooke Region that should be included please direct their attention to this site or contact the Administrator.

Website Mandate:

1.  The area covered by this website is the geographic area extending from Beecher Bay to Port Renfrew inclusive, referred to collectively as the Sooke Region.
2.  The primary focus of this website is to support and inform the residents of the Sooke Region and the non-profit organizations that serve them.
3.  Organizations based outside of the Sooke Region but providing a service in our region may, upon taking out an Associate Membership (e.g. Wild Ark, Canadian Blood Services) create organization, event and volunteer opportunities listings on the website.
4.  Businesses located within the Sooke Region and fitting within one or more of Canada’s 12 Determinants of Health may, upon taking out a Business Membership, create organization and event listings on the website.

To apply for membership and for additional information please contact the Web Administrator at Coordinator@sookeregionvolunteers.org or through the ‘Contact Us’ page.

Our purpose is to:

·        make it easy for citizens to find community health related services within the region from Beecher Bay to Port Renfrew

·        In addition, to link the public to key services provided by the Ministry of Health, Island Health Services (VIHA) and other non-government providers outside of our region.

·        strengthen connections between formal health service delivery and the community & non-profit sectors

·        analyze and identify opportunities for expanded service.

Social Environments:

Recreation/Leisure:  Programs, Information, Public space, sports & outdoor organizations, Hobbies, crafts, activities,

Employment & Education:  Training, job finding, etc.

Health care:  publicly funded and private & complementary health services

Social services:  not-for-profit organizations, government services

Arts & Culture:  groups or organizations supporting specific and general forms of arts and culturally specific activities, religious organizations

Food security/Farming:  allotment gardens, local farmers, gardeners & food sources, etc.

Volunteering:  non-profit & businesses that provide opportunities for volunteering

Physical Environments:

Housing:  safety, adequacy affordability, cooperatives, subsidized, etc.

Transportation:  forms of transportation other than individual vehicle ownership

Environment(natural and built): parks, trails, public spaces, healthy buildings and play areas

Safety:  fire protection, emergency preparedness, policing, road safety, etc.

Disclaimer:  The Resource Inventory can not be held responsible for the accuracy of the listings nor the quality of the services provided. We encourage you make every effort to check the qualifications and credentials of all healthcare and service providers. New listings will be put in a moderation queue for review by the Administrator.

This site is funded by an annual line-item provided by the District of Sooke to the Sooke Region Community Health Initiative (CHI).  Various upgrades and enhancesments have also been funded by the Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA) Public Health and Primary Health Care Divisions


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