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Why Volunteer? What's in it for me?

Have you ever asked yourself 'Why would I bother volunteering'?  or maybe you are new to the community and are wondering how to meet people.  There are a lot of reasons why people volunteer.  Some people think you have to be self-less and only volunteer to give.  The reality is that while it is often better if we give from the heart with no expectations of return, we really do get more than we give when we volunteer.  Whether you want to give back to your community or meet new people, here are a number of the benefits you might receive when you volunteer:

What’s in it for me?

  1. Broadening social circle
  2. Fun
  3. Sense of accomplishment
  4. Connecting needs with interests/passions
  5. Sense of belonging
  6. Ownership of community
  7. Skills building
  8. Social connections
  9. Friendships
  10. Job skills
  11. Possibly lead to employment
  12. Appreciation/appreciated
  13. Employers look at volunteer interests & experience
  14. Goal setting
  15. Meet high school & university requisite
  16. Opportunity to teach/share knowledge
  17. Community service
  18. Serve community through restitution
  19. Opportunity to learn/education
  20. Self-esteem/confidence building
  21. ‘Why not you?’
  22. Local governments would have to increase taxes to do all the things volunteers handle
  23. Building community
  24. Help make it a place you would want to live in
  25. Help develop the vision of communities
  26. Support network


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