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Community Connections - Issue No. 29 | August 31, 2015

Issue No. 29 | August 31, 2015

In this Issue:

  • Welcome to our newest members
  • Sooke Region Volunteer Centre (SRVC) Member Benefits Update
  • Local Training Within Reach of Everyone's Budget
  • Grand Cook Off II - Collaborative Fundraiser
  • SRVC attending at Volunteer Victoria's 'Volunteer Recruitment Fair'
  • Sooke Elderly Citizens Housing Society AGM September 17th, 2015
  • BC Association of Charitable Gaming (BCACG) Symposium - October 6 & 7
  • Call for Nominations - BC Medal of Good Citizenship
  • District of Sooke Proclaims September 'Literacy Month'
  • National Volunteer Week 2016 - April 10th - 16th
  • Job Opportunities

Welcome to our newest Members:

  • Alzheimer's Society
  • Sooke Youth Show Choir Society

Sooke Region Volunteer Centre (SRVC) Member Benefits Update 

As a result of creating this newsletter we have drastically reduced our email output.  We hope you have noticed that.

We have negotiated with the Sooke News Mirror for a quarter page, full colour ad at a reduced rate which we can pass along to our members.  Regular cost is $279.99 plus taxes, Members can book this through us at $210 plus taxes. 

Through our 'Recruit, Retain & Retrain' project we are organizing workshops, developing outreach and expanding our potential to assist members and volunteers alike.  Our membership with Volunteer Victoria enables us to bring out workshops that build and expand skills for non-profit leaders and volunteer managers - budget & board development, human resources practices, adaptive evaluation, planning, program design, grant writing and partnership exploration. Their facilitators are subject-matter specialists they've also all practiced in the sector.  We are reaching out to regional expertise as well.   All workshops will be open to any interested party of any age, though members will receive a discount which increases based on the number of people coming from any member organization.  Workshops like these will likely never be as affordable again!

We are also exploring bringing some of the training out to the regional communities of Beecher Bay, East Sooke, Otter Point, Shirley, Pacheedaht and Port Renfrew.  What we can do will depend on topic and number of people interested.  Give us a call and help us offer what you want, not what we think you want.
Membership in SRVC provides you with a 30% to 50% discount in all our workshops, a reduce rate in advertising with the Sooke News Mirror and much more. 

We are spreading the word and reaching out to the over 180 non-profit organizations serving the area from Beecher Bay to Port Renfrew, reading studies on volunteer trends and techniques and sharing what we learn. 
Check out the current membership benefits list

As members you have a voice.  Let us know what you need, what your challenges are, and how we can help.  We can't guarantee everything but we will always do our best.

Regards from the SRVC Team (Trudy, Bev, Gail, Barb, Gill, Les, Marilyn, Marlene, Malinda, Marina, Val, & Andrea)


Local Training Within Reach of Everyone's Budget

Whether you are already a volunteer, considering volunteering, or even just plain curious, check out the local training being offered under the Sooke Region Volunteer Centre’s “Recruit, Retain and Retrain” project.  The project is funded in part by the Government of Canada’s New Horizons for Seniors Program, and will not likely be this affordable again.

Free ‘Lunch and Learn’ opportunities means this training fits everyone’s budget.  Discounts are offered to Volunteer Centre members, with further discounts when 2 or more volunteers from a non-profit organization register for the same workshop.  Travel subsidies are available for residents from Beecher Bay to Port Renfrew who are travelling 20 Km or more.  If there is enough interest we will bring training to the regional communities.



Check out our website for full details:

Board Governance 101 (not just for Board members, the curious welcome as well) Sept. 15th (2hrs)

Lunch & Learn: Changing Dynamics of Volunteering - September 22nd (1 hr)

Types of Grants - September 23rd (2 hrs)

Board Accountability - September 29th (2 hrs)

Lunch & Learn: TBD (Tell us what you want to learn about) - October 6th (1 hr)

Planning and Budgeting - October 7th (2 hrs)

Board Spheres & Responsibilities - October 13th (2 hrs)

Lunch & Learn: Volunteer Management Overview - October 20th (1 hr)

Finding Grants - October 21st (2 hrs)

Generative Boards: What is it we really do?October 27th (2 hrs)

Lunch & Learn: Getting your word out through Newsletters - November 3rd (2 hrs)

Social Media for Non-Profits - November 4th (2 hrs)

Messaging & Engaging Recruits - November 7th (4hrs)

Effective Meetings - November 10th (2 hrs)

Intro to Delegating Effectively - November 20th (2 hrs)



Grand Cook Off II - Collaborative Fundraiser

Member organizations are invited to participate in this year's Project Serve Collaborative Fundraiser.  SRVC will organize the event, provide the space, insurance, and supply our own volunteers on the day of the event.

Project Serve is a joint effort of the University of Victoria and Volunteer Victoria which takes place each year in the fall.  Volunteer Victoria members are invited to put forward proposals that would engage a number of university students from around the world in community service.  Our proposal of a collaborative cooking event that would raise funds for more than one organization, and provide learning opportunities for the students, was well received by the organizers. 

This year through sharing this information 4 applications were sent in from the Sooke area:

1.  CASA Community Garden Fall Clean up

2.  Glean & Clean - Transition Sooke community clean up

3.  Grand Cook Off II - SRVC collaborative fundraiser (slightly different than GCO I)

4.  Recipes in a Jar -  SRVC collaborative fundraiser

It now remains to be seen how many university students will sign up, and how many local organizations wish to participate in the two related events we will be coordinating.  'Grand Cook Off II' and 'Recipes in a Jar' will take place Saturday, October 3rd, 2015 at the Sooke Child, Youth & Family Services Centre, 6672 Wadams Way.  Read the full report on the first Grand Cook Off here.  While only two organizations opted to share in the proceeds, 11 non-profits and 3 businesses and members of the public, all made contributions.


SRVC attending at Volunteer Victoria's 'Volunteer Recruitment Fair'

Sooke Region Volunteer Centre will be hosting a booth at the annual Volunteer Recruitment Fair organized by Volunteer Victoria and the University of Victoria on Thursday, October 1st, 2015. 

"We have to aims when attending this event." says Marlene Barry, Volunteer Centre Coordinator, "The first is to showcase volunteer opportunities in the area we define as the Sooke region, from Beecher Bay to Port Renfrew.  The second is to learn from the success this event so we can make the 5th Annual Sooke Region Volunteer & Non-Profit Fair a bigger and even more successful event.

The annual Sooke Region Volunteer and Non-Profit Fair is held in conjunction with National Volunteer Week 2016 - April 10th - 16th.  The fifth annual event will be held Saturday, April 9th, 2016. 
Please put it on your calendar now.  We acknowledge that we got started with organizing a bit late last year and have learned lessons from that.  We are gearing up now. 

The event is free for SRVC member organizations and also free for the public to attend.  Fee free to share your ideas, challenges and successes with us.  Member input is essential for us to effectively work on your behalf.

Contact Marlene at sookeregionvolunteers@gmail.com or drop by the office to talk with one of our team members.

Sooke Elderly Citizens Housing Society AGM September 17th, 2015

The SECHS Annual General Meeting will be held on Thursday, September 17th, 2015 at 7 pm in the Assisted Living Lounge at Ayre Manor Lodge.

In order to vote at the AGM, your dues for 2014-15 must be paid at or before the AGM.  Dues for 2014-15 are $10 per member.  A Life Membership is $100.  Membership  brings you the right to vote at all General Meetings, and allows the Board to keep you abreast of what is happening at Ayre Manor.  It also gives you an invitation to special community events at Ayre Manor.


Sandy Pedneault                                 Susan Bouthillier                                 Jim Bouthillier

Wynn LeComte                                    Ron Dumont                                         Tom Bligh

Shirley Lowe                                        Valerie Durr                                          Henry Strong



BC Association of Charitable Gaming (BCACG) Symposium - October 6 & 7

BCACG Symposium will be at the River Rock Resort in Richmond. Community groups that broadly represent Arts & Culture, Public Safety, Sports, Environment, Human & Social Services, PAC's and Service Clubs are invited to attend and gather for dialogue and learning at the Annual Symposium. Workshops include: 

  • Gaming Grant Applications
  • Taking a Good Picture
  • Changes to the BC Society Act
  • Communicating Your Message

Call for Nominations - BC Medal of Good Citizenship

Nominations for the province's newly launched Medal of Good Citizenship are now being accepted for individuals demonstrating outstanding achievement, excellence and distinction in their field. The online nomination form is available on the website
Nominations must be received by the last Friday in September (September 25, 2015). 

District of Sooke Proclaims September 'Literacy Month'


National Volunteer Week 2016 - April 10th - 16th
5th Annual Sooke Region Volunteer and Non-Profit Fair
will be held Saturday, April 9th, 2016. 
Please put it on your calendar now so we can make this the biggest and best event ever.


Job Opportunities

The Community Connections Newsletter is an information source for all things volunteer and non-profit.  We obtain most of our information on jobs in the non-profit sector from information received from Volunteer Victoria.  These jobs could be anywhere in the lower island.  For Sooke jobs, though not necessarily in the non-profit sector, we recommend SookePocketNews as the widest source of local job information we have seen compiled.
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