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Juan de Fuca Forest Watch


As Juan de Fuca regional residents we share this in common: 
We are gravely troubled by the staggering rate and volume of deforestation in our region. We believe that our forests are being grossly mismanaged, and that these lands which should represent our commons have been unjustly expropriated in the name of fast profit for industry shareholders, at the expense of ecological sustainability and what is literally the birthright ground for future generations. 
Our vision is two-fold:

1. An outright moratorium on old-growth logging and 2. A consistent practice of sustainable forestry accountable to elected, regional representatives that fosters increased related employment.

To achieve these visions we will grow an active community of participation dedicated to reclaiming the intrinsic value of our forests.

In so doing we might also redirect our attitudes and imaginations to a more just and viable economy.

To sign up and for more information please contact Darren Alexander darren.g.alexander@gmail.com

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226-1991 Kaltasin Road
Sooke, BC V9Z0B7
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Darren Alexander
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