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Assistant Coordinator

Awareness Film Night
Wednesday, March 29, 2017


The Assistant Coordinator would assist with various aspects of organizing monthly film night events.  Awareness Film night runs on the 2nd Wednesday of each month for 9 months of the year.  Tasks could include assisting with webpage, manage twitter account and generally assisting at the film night events.  Ideally you would also be able to help with writing press releases, finding and contacting potential speakers and generally learning how to organize and present the film night if needed.

Position Overview (and how it connects to the organization’s mission):

Assist coordinator with digital and technical aspects of preparing for and putting on the film night. To increase the sustainability of this popular event the coordinator is looking to mentor one or more people to learn the scope of organizing the film night, so we could spell each other off.  Awareness Film Night has been screening monthly documentaries on topics normally disregarded by the mainstream media since 1995.  Our focus is on bringing awareness to local and/or current ecosystem and human rights violations, corporate fraud, as well as learning about ways we can live more cooperatively, fearlessly and sustainably with care and regard for life.  We often co-present with other groups in Sooke and Victoria and regularly have speakers after the screenings. 

Location: Edward Milne Community School Theatre, Sooke

Key Responsibilities:    Move photos to webpage and keeping the twitter account updated are the key responsibilities.  Ideally you would also assist:

  • With putting up posters around Sooke,
  • With composing press releases,
  • With locating and contacting potential speakers and
  • at the film night during and after the screening in whatever way needed, e.g. bringing microphones around to audience members who wish to speak after the film, rounding up any tables or other equipment needed by the post screening speakers, assisting the student tech who is running the film if required such as turning off the theatre lights.  And gradually learn how to organize and present the film night.

Skills (and Qualifications):  Tech savvy. Reliable. Good writing skills. Interested in the mandate of Awareness Film Night

Time & Commitment:  3 hours a month plus 2 or 3 hours at the film night when assisting,  10-20 hours a month plus 3 hours at the film night if organizing the entire event.

Contact person: 
Jo Phillips
250 642-6635
Required Skills: 
Good organizational skills, some experience with computers and twitter an asset. Small event planning experience or a desire to learn.
Certification or Education Required: 
No specific certification required.
Applicable interests: 
Community, world events, sustainability, activism, sharing knowledge
PO Box 853
Sooke, BC V9Z 1H8
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