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ALM Organic Farm


ALM Organic Farm is located in Sooke on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. We are a group of people who want to live on the land lightly. The farm was first started by Jan and Mary Alice Johnson about 30 years ago. Since then many others have added their skills and labour to make the farm a more beautiful productive place. We aspire to learning and practicing the skills needed to live sustainably in our community. Part of this is educating ourselves and others. building community, supporting other farmers and businesses to think and act sustainably, living with awareness of our place in the larger community. On the farm we practice sustainably by growing, harvesting, preserving, and marketing food and teaching others how to do the same.

We select, save, and sell seed.

We also build buildings which are healthy, natural, sustainable, beautiful.

We study the skills of beer and wine making, great cooking, baking, preserving. Improving our health through natural medicines, awareness of diet and exercise. We research, trial, and publish articles about various aspects of organic farming, natural building, and sustainable living. We teach courses and give workshops.

3680 Otter Point Road
Sooke, BC
Contact phone: 
(250) 642-3671
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