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Sooke Youth Show Choir


Sooke Youth Show Choir was established in 2013 in order to provide youth aged 4 and up with the opportunity to develop their natural creative abilities and promote self-confidence by teaching them the foundations of choral singing, dancing and acting. Our mandate is to encourage participation and excellence in the arts, culture and heritage for local youth from all religious, cultural and economic backgrounds as well as all levels of physical and cognitive abilities.

Our members learn valuable skills that help build a stronger community: the importance of setting goals, striving for excellence, listening well, being accountable, taking initiative, being inclusive of all others, teamwork and leadership. Under the guidance of our inspiring instructors, our program gives young people valuable resources with which to move forward in their lives. The opportunity for youth to learn and perform the arts teaches them about passion, commitment, persistence and most of all – to recognize their own unique gifts.

For more information contact us at sookeyouthshowchoir@gmail.com or through FaceBook


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