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EMCS Super Smash Bros

Video games, an epic accomplishment of technology, allowing people of all ages to have fun and make friends, all from the comfort of home, so why not come down and participate in an equally epic gathering of Gamers in the Super Smash Bros Club!
For the next several months the Super Smash Bros Club will meet on the first two Tuesdays out of each month and host a Smash Bros competition at EMCS.
The Super Smash Bros club is essentially a competition with a one versus one format per round. Winners of each round will continue on to take on the other champions, until only one is left standing and holding the title of the Ultimate Super Smash Bros champion.
Now you may be asking, “does joining this club cost money?” the answer is no, not one cent. Or maybe you’re asking, “what time does is this club hosted?” you can magically appear at 3pm and stay until 5pm all the while crushing your enemies via controlling Mario and an array of interesting characters, simultaneously claiming Smash Bros glory.
The Super Smash Bros club provides an excellent opportunity for community members to get together, have an exciting four hours a month of gaming, and meet new people with a similar interest in video games.
And if you decide you don’t particularly enjoy the Super Smash Bros club, there’s no money lost.

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