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Sooke Region Communities Health Network


Since 2003 we have worked to create a strong partnership of groups concerned with serving Sooke region communities and promoting health and wellness. In 2014 CHI merged with the Sooke Cooperative Association of Service Agencies (CASA).  The Sooke Region Communities Health Network (SRCHN) has many individual participants who volunteer their time and have effectively had a beneficial impact across dimensions of health and social care in our region. Members, who elect the Board of Directors, include local residents, family doctor, social service agencies, VIHA representative and other relevant regional agencies. We already have a superb track record of effective achievements serving the community, such as, the development of Sooke Youth Council, formation of Sooke Region Volunteer Centre, publication of a community needs assessment and a guide to free or low-cost counseling services, meals, medical equipment and clothing available in the area from Beecher Bay to Port Renfrew.  SRCHN has had a far-reaching impact on public awareness of health-related community matters.

We are interested in attracting members from the local regional community who share our vision and values.  Members will benefit from participating in local community developments and contributing to plans and community resources. Members also elect the Board of Directors who are responsible for the governance of  for their abilities and experiences and are able to contribute to the strategic direction of this important local co-operative. Members are not expected to have an in depth understanding of our history or operations, but you should be able to use your knowledge and experience to guide you and other Members as we develop our strategic direction and strive to increase our capacity. 

Current SRCHN projects and initiatives:

  • Community liaison with Island Health's Integrated Health Network
  • Sooke Region Volunteer Centre
  • Age Friendly Sooke Committee
  • Sooke Region Foundation Working Group
  • CASA Community Garden
  • Representation on the Primary Health Care Services Working Group (PHCSWG), Partners for Better Health and the Child & Youth Mental Health Initiative
  • South Island Division of Family Practice - Partners For Better Health Committee

The SRCHN group meets 10 times a year for a maximum of 2 hours, plus a shorter Annual General Meeting. The agenda for these meetings include; updates related to the Sooke Integrated Health Network, reports of committees including the community garden and volunteer centre, partnerships and funding opportunities, liaison with the District of Sooke and any other relevant items. We may also have guests presenting information pertinent to our objectives.  The main role of a Member is to exercise your best judgment, based on your knowledge, skills and abilities.  Be respectful of the opinions of others and be prepared.  Follow the guiding principles:  Is this the right thing to do?  Is it fair?  How are we benefiting the community? By working together, and with your help, we will continue our successful work enhancing the wellness and health of Sooke region community.

Board meetings are currently held monthly on the 4th Wednesday of the month at the Sooke Child, Youth & Family Centre, 6672 Wadams Way.  All are welcome to attend.

Please contact Christine Bossi, SRCHN Coordinator, 250-858-3458 or srchn@sookeregionchn.org for further details.

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6672 Wadams Way
Sooke, BC V9Z 0H3
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Christine Bossi
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(250) 858-3458
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