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District of Sooke - Parks and Trails Advisory Committee

The Parks and Trails Advisory Committee has been established by Council for the purpose of undertaking specific work of Council and providing advice and recommendations to Council.

The Committee will, consistent with the general purpose describe above,

  • Provide community input into park planning documents including the Parks and Trails Master Plan and specific community park development plans.
  • Work within the objectives and policies of the Official Community Plan, the Parks and Trails Master Plan and any other statutory plans that are applicable to the District of Sooke.
  • Carry out an assessment of existing parks and trails to determine long term or immediate upgrade or capital infrastructure requirements;
  • Consider in accordance with the Parks and Trails Master Plan:
    • a. the acquisition or tenure of community park sites;
    • b. subdivision park land dedications;
    • c. the development and maintenance of community park sites; and
    • d. priorities for the expenditure of park funds (including reserve).
  • Liaise and work with SEAPARC (Capital Regional District), Sooke Community Association, Sooke Region Historical Society, T’Sou-Ke First Nation and other community and neighbourhood groups on a wide range of parks and trails matters including:
    • a. volunteer park development projects;
    • b. obtaining input regarding park planning and acquisition priorities;
    • c. community gardens;
    • d. trail system planning and development; and
    • e. waterfront accesses.
  • Assist in promoting District of Sooke parks and trails;
  • Provide input on an annual basis to Council regarding the level of funding and priorities for the annual operating budget and long term financial plans for District of Sooke parks and trails. The Committee will also have the ability to look at a variety of other funding sources and strategies and make recommendations in this regard to Council.

For more information, or to view meeting agendas and minutes, please see: www.sooke.ca

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