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Issue No. 22 | May 8, 2015

Issue No. 22 | May 8, 2015

In this issue:

  • New SRVC Member Benefit - GrantStation Database Access
  • Sooke Region Community Health Initiative (CHI) AGM June 2nd
  • Booking Sheila's Fence - Sooke Road and Drennan Road
  • Project underway to explore the possibility for a water park in Sooke
  • TechSoup
  • Dispatches from Shirley Lowe, B.C. Pensioners & Seniors Organization
  • Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund
  • Prime Minister's Awards
  • Is your number up?


New SRVC Member Benefit - GrantStation Database Access

After reviewing the options further, and with the support of our parent organization, Sooke Region Community Health Initiative, we have taken out a one year membership with GrantStation.  This is an on-line granting database which offers nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, and government agencies the opportunity to identify potential funding sources for their programs or projects as well as resources to mentor these organizations through the grantseeking process. 

GrantStation provides access to a searchable database of private grantmakers that accept inquiries and proposals from a variety of organizations; federal deadlines; links to state funding agencies; and a growing database of international grantmakers. In addition, GrantStation publishes two newsletters highlighting upcoming funding opportunities, the weekly GrantStation Insider, which focuses on opportunities for U.S. nonprofit organizations, and the monthly GrantStation International Insider, which focuses on international funding opportunities.

For a small fee of $10.00, members may call and book a time to use the database on the Volunteer Centre office computer.  We are open Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 12:30 - 4:30, though it may be possible to book other times.  To reserve a time please call 250-642-6364 Ext. 235 or email sookeregionvolunteers@gmail.com


Sooke Region Community Health Initiative (CHI) Annual General Meeting

Since 2003, the Sooke Region Community Health Initiative (CHI) has worked to create a strong network of groups serving Sooke Region, from Beecher Bay to Port Renfrew, promoting health and wellness. Many individuals participate by volunteering their time and have made a beneficial impact across dimensions of health and social care in our region. Members include local family physicians, social service agencies, Island Health representatives, other regional agencies, local government and most importantly community members, who seek to improve upon their own health and wellbeing.

CHI has a superb track record of achievements serving the community, such as the development of Sooke Youth Council, formation of Sooke Region Volunteer Centre, publication of a community needs assessment and far-reaching public awareness of health-related community matters.

[From left to right: Anne Bell (SRCHI treasurer), Maureen Rowan (SRCHI director), Nicky Logins (SRCHI member) thanking Mitzi Dean (past president)]

From left to right: Anne Bell (SRCHI treasurer), Maureen Rowan (SRCHI director), Nicky Logins (SRCHI member) thanking Mitzi Dean (past president)

Sooke Region CHI invites community members to our Annual General Meeting (AGM) on June 2 from 6-8 p.m. at the Sooke Child, Youth and Family Centre (the CASA building), 6672 Wadams Way. All are welcome to hear about this grassroots initiative to improve health and wellbeing for us all.

Refreshments will be served.

CHI is looking for new Board members for their Board of Directors.

For further information about Sooke Region CHI, its AGM, or learning more about exciting opportunities with its Board, please contact the coordinator, Christine Bossi, at SookeRegionCHI@yahoo.ca or call 250-858-3458.


Booking Sheila's Fence: Sooke and Drennan Roads Event Signage

Sooke and area non-profit groups are welcome to promote their events on Sheila Beech's fence at the corner of Sooke and Drennan Roads.  Approved signs may be posted for up to 7 days and must not exceed 8' by 3'.  'Andrea's Garden' in the boat in front of the fence is maintained by the Sooke Children's Garden Club and is in memory of Sheila's daughter. 

There is a suggested donation of $10, all of which goes to keeping the garden colourful and inviting. 

For more information and to book fence times please contact

Anne Boquist 250-642-3798 or email aboquist@shaw.ca 

The attached photo shows a sign which is 6' by 2'.  


Project underway to explore the possibility for a water park in Sooke

Posted on May 7, 2015 by SookePub

There is a new and exciting project on the go in our Sooke community. The project is called Sooke’s Water Park for Kids.

Need for a Water Park in Sooke (or how this project came about).

Water parks are a child’s idea of paradise on a hot summer day.

As a parent of two small boys, I’ve been talking to other parents of pre-school kids for some time. It did not take long to realise that Sooke as a community needs a Water Park of its own.

Right now Sooke and Shirley residents who want to take their kids to a Water Park have to travel to Langford. If you have access to a vehicle, it takes at least 30 minutes one way. If you do not, it will take much longer by bus with one or more than one small kid in tow. This does not sound like fun at all! Just putting a sprinkler in the back yard won’t necessarily work either. Guess what? For starters, not all parents have back yards.

Benefits of having our own Water Park in Sooke are numerous. For example fewer cars will travel between Sooke and Langford. This will result in less congestion on the road, reduced consumption of gasoline and decreased pollution.

How could a parent of a small child or several small children use the extra time that is not spent on getting to a Water Park in Langford? Maybe read a book with the kids? Cook a treat for the whole family? Take a much needed short break? The possibilities are too many to list.

Where do we go from here?

So where will we put our new Sooke Water Park? One of the obvious possibilities is to revitalize the old Water Park located by the Broomhill playground. This site is also close to a bus route.

If the municipality of Sooke makes a decision to go ahead with the Water Park, we will have to determine the location, design, cost to build and costs to operate and maintain the facility. The Water Park will be free to attend and won’t cost a fortune to operate.

To help with the costs, additional funding will also be sought from local private sources (like for example Sooke Rotary Club).

Please let us know if you are interested in helping out in any way by completing this short survey. Voice your support for this project. Every little bit counts!

– Alexandra Martin


Tell us what you think! We'll listen.

We would like to know what you see as missing in the way of support for volunteers and volunteer based organizations.  We really do!  Please tell us.

The folks at the Sooke Region Volunteer Centre will be arranging more training and workshops to present in Sooke, and maybe even some out to East Sooke, Otter Point, Shirley, Jordan River and Port Renfrew.  Let us know what type of training would help you by filling in our short survey. 

With this information we will see where the biggest need and the greatest interest is, then respond to those. 

How much interest can be drummed up in your community?  If there is enough we will see about bringing training to you!  We have received funding to subsidize some costs to keep these workshops affordable for all, whether as an individual or organization representative.


TechSoup Canada is a team of 8 people dedicated to empowering charities, nonprofits and libraries with the effective use of technology.

TechSoup Canada is a program of the Centre for Social Innovation, a nonprofit coworking space, community and launchpad for people who are changing the world.  Being a nonprofit ourselves, we understand all too well the challenges facing the Canadian nonprofit sector and we want to help. We can connect you to donated and discounted technologies through our technology donations program and provide valuable learning resources to equip your and your colleagues with technology tips and best practices.

We know that our sector is achieving great work and we believe we can have an even greater impact through the appropriate use of technology. Let us help you on your tech journey!



Dispatches from Shirley Lowe, B.C. Pensioners & Seniors Organization

Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund

On April 25, 2015, a 7.8-magnitude earthquake centred 80 kilometres from the capital, Kathmandu, struck Nepal. Thousands of lives have been lost, with a large number of injuries and destruction of property and infrastructure. Although needs assessments are ongoing, it is clear humanitarian needs will be substantial.

Donation criteria for individual Canadians

For every eligible dollar donated by individual Canadians to registered Canadian charities in response to the Nepal earthquake, the government will set aside one dollar for the Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund. The government will use the money set aside for the Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund to provide financing to international and Canadian humanitarian and development organizations responding to the disaster, through established Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada (DFATD) channels and procedures.



Prime Minister's Volunteer Awards

The new call for nominations is now open. If you know an individual, a business or a forward thinking not-for-profit organization that makes a difference in their community and deserves a Prime Minister’s Volunteer Award, you can nominate them until June 30, 2015.

On March 18, 2015, 17 Prime Minister's Volunteer Awards recipients were honoured by the Prime Minister at a ceremony held in Toronto. Meet the recipients of the Prime Minister's Volunteer Awards.

During their visit to Toronto, these exceptional award recipients participated in a session in which they shared their achievements  and the exemplary practices in community leadership that have enabled them to contribute to their communities and succeed.

The best solutions to the challenges facing Canada's communities are often found locally. For this reason, the Prime Minister announced the creation of the Prime Minister's Volunteer Awards to recognize the enormous contribution volunteers make to Canada. The Government of Canada also expressed its interest in looking to innovative charities and forward-thinking private-sector companies to partner on new approaches to many social challenges.

The Prime Minister’s Volunteer Awards recognize the enormous contributions volunteers, innovative not-for-profit organizations and forward‑thinking businesses make to their communities through voluntary contributions and innovative ideas and approaches to address social challenges. Volunteering, charitable donations and philanthropy all play a key role in helping communities to address these challenges, and these prestigious awards are an opportunity to recognize the tremendous contributions of many Canadians who work together to improve the well-being of families and communities across the country.

The Prime Minister's Volunteer Awards program consists of 17 awards in total, two at the national level and 15 at the regional level. The awards highlight best practices in community leadership and encourage partnerships across sectors. The goal of the awards is to inspire Canadians from all walks of life to find new ways of making a difference in their communities.

You can find more information on the awards on their website.

Is your number up?

Did you know that about half of home address numbers are not visible from the street after dark and

many are also not even visible in daylight?   This is a real concern for emergency first responders who cannot help you if they cannot find you!  As Sooke residents, you may be aware of recent emergency situation in Sooke that was hampered by poor signage.  You can read the Times-Colonist article here. 

Team Enlighten consists of 7 participants in Leadership Victoria’s Community Leadership Development Program.  Each year, participants in the program undertake a Community Action Project.  We created Is Your Number Up? after consultations with Saanich Police and Fire Departments, Oak Bay Police, BC Ambulance, and CREST indicated that lack of clear signage is a serious hindrance to timely emergency response.  

So, Is Your Number Up? aims to encourage home owners, renters, businesses, etc. to ensure that their address numbers are clearly visible day and night.   Watch for Public Service Announcements on A&E, TLC and AMC and, for tips and solutions (and a few prizes!), go to www.facebook.com\AddressVisibility

Make sure you and your loved ones can be found when they need to be!

This information was submitted by, Christine Kenwood, Leadership Victoria’s Community Leadership Development Program.


National Volunteer Week 2016 - April 10th - 16th

5th Annual Sooke Region Volunteer and Non-Profit Fair

will be held Saturday, April 9th, 2016. 

Please put it on your calendar now so we can make this the biggest and best event ever.

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