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Free Event! reading and workshop on memoir writing with Yvonne Blomer, City of Victoria Poet Laureate. Space is Limited. Register at: bcwriters.ca/events-for-writers/

The Métis Nation of Greater Victoria is having their Summer Picnic at the Sooke River Campground Saturday, August 18th.  The public is invited to come and learn about Métis culture through interactive displays including a traditional Trappers Tent and Teepees.

There’s an all-ages open door, open house and open stage jam (and discussion time for musicians about future Sooke Food Bank music show fundraisers!) happening at Edward Milne Community School (EMCS) on Saturday, August 11 between 6:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. It’s being hosted by Steve Anderson and the EMCS Community Theatre at 6218 Sooke Rd.

This is a non-ticketed event. The only type of “admission”-like thing you’ll notice is a a bucket at the door for the Sooke Food Bank, where you can donate what you can afford.


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  • About Us
  • Educational Sessions 
  • Interesting Volunteer Opportunities
  • Community Events

About Us

Sooke Region Volunteer Center helps connect People with volunteer opportunities in the Sooke Region. We believe that volunteering is a pillar in everyone's life. Our mission is to inspire to volunteer. Please contact us and become a volunteer! Please check our Facebook Page at Sooke Region Volunteers or our website. We have a list of organizations looking for volunteers. Drop by our office we would love to know what you would like to do as a volunteer, what skills you have and what your background is.  We can refer you to a compatible organization in our region. It is easy and time efficient. You can volunteer once, only during summer time or all year round. You decide how much time you can dedicate.  Please do not wait. Give us a call. Our office hours are: Tuesdays and Thursdays: 12.30-4.30PM and our phone number is: 250-642-6364 Ext 235

Educational Sessions 

Educational Sessions are back in September. The full list of workshops is already available on our calendar. Registration starts on August 15th. 

Intresting Volunteer Opportunities

If you are interested in volunteering, but you are not sure what opportunites are available please check our website or give us a call. We will be happy to meet with you and based on your skills, interests and experience we will match you with the best volutneer opportunity in our community.

Community Events

We have updated list of community events on our website. Our volunteers are  keeping their ears and eyes open for any new event happending in our community so please checki it often.




Ed McGregor Park Sunday afternoon. Contact the Sooke Lions Club for more details



Protest organizer Bruce Webber is calling on the community for help, asking for all who support local fishing to be present between 8 am and noon at the traffic circle in Sooke.

The on-water fishing closure protest at Sheringham Point will run from 6am until noon. Webber is calling for supporters to come out on Sunday morning to Sheringham Point on the water as well as at the Sooke traffic circle.

The strange behaviour of light, relativity without gravity;how matter curves spacetime; black holes, gravity waves, dark energy and more, gently explained for the non-scientific mind.

Facilitator: Jack Gegenberg

Five sessions

Location: SEAPARC

Register with SEAPARC call: 250-642-8000

This session is available by donation.

Part one (repeat offering) Social and Allied Issues of Aging, Including nature of aging and relevance of census figures to social needs in general, with reference to local community.

Part two - Psychological Aspects and Application to Aging, with emphasis on quality of life and wellbeing, psychological issues for individual and family, and links between biology, environment, behaviour..

Facilitator: Roy Brown

Register with SEAPARC call: 250-642-8000

Two sessions

Those sessions are by donation


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