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Sooke Legion
Sat Dec 22 6:30-midnight
Tickets $15 advance or $20 at the Door.

We are excited to host an evening of live music at the Sooke Legion for Vancouver Islands own resident and singer/songwriter Carolyn Mark!

She is always on the move, performing across the province and country, while still hosting the popular and legendary
“Hootenanny” on Sunday Afternoons at Logans Pub in Victoria.

Participants will learn ways of reducing anxiety and relieving depression by changing thoughts and behaviours

10 sessions
6672 Wadams Way
For more information 250-519-5295 or 250-642-5152 ext 229

Learn to use Mindfulness Techniques (meditation, breathing, visualizations) to slow life down and to let go of stress

For further information 250-819-5298 or 250-642-5152 ext 229

10 sessions
Sooke Region Family Resource Centre
6672 Wadams Way


Board Game & Chili night

6596 Sooke Rd

August 23, 2019 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Climate change is a significant issue for all of us, and we must understand what is happening
not only for ourselves but also for our children and grandchildren. As we explore the science of
climate change and its implications, you will learn how we can turn things around so as to avoid
the worst consequences of carrying on with business as usual. We will cover what steps you
can take to do your share and be part of the solution. (Facilitator: Michael Tacon)

Four Thursday sessions: January 31 to February 21 (by donation)

Explanation of risk and how to transfer risk and benefit society. How insurance is regulated in
Canada to protect consumers. How the claims process works and how claims are evaluated.
(Facilitator: Maurice McFadden)
Three Thursday sessions: January 10,17,24; 1 :30-3:00 (by donation)

Please register through SEAPARC at 250-642-8000 or

Transition Town offers an inspirational and practical model for a community-led response tp
peak oil and climate change. This series will explore the story of how the Transition Movement
started on a small Irish farmstead, and has since gone viral around the world; experience the
process that a Transition community goes through; and vision what the future Sooke might look
like if we address our challenges with community-scale responses.
(Facilitator: Mary Coli; co-sponsored with Transition Sooke)

Women and investing, covering the gender retirement gap, how saving is different from
investing, saving for retirement, saving and planning for retirement, removing financial
stresses, women's reality in the workplace, and daughter care.

Presenter: Brenda Johnston

Friday March 29; 1:30-3:00 (by donation)
Sooke Child Youth & Family Centre
6672 Wadams Way

Please register through SEAPARC at 250-642-8000 or

Afternoon session with Roy Brown, who has spent the past 50+ years working as a
clinical and educational psychologist, lecturing and consulting in over 30 countries.
Many stories, insights and travel adventures have taken place. In this presentation he
describes and discusses some of the more poignant and picturesque of these adventures,
giving insights into people, places and events.

Presenter: Roy Brown

Friday March 1; 1:30-3:00 (by donation)
Sooke Child Youth & Family Centre
6672 Wadams Way

How seniors can identify and protect themselves from fraud, covering who is vulnerable,
why seniors face a greater risk, what are some of the most common types of fraud, how
to protect yourself, reporting a fraud, and resources available to help.

Presenter: Brenda Johnston

Friday January 11; 1:30-3:00 (by donation)
Sooke Child Youth & Family Centre
6672 Wadams Way

Please register through SEAPARC at 250-642-8000 or


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