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Sooke Folk Music - Open Mic, June, 2019

Patrick and Patricia De Gabrielle are a multi-instrumental and vocal duo, based in Victoria B.C. They perform in a wide variety of styles, from traditional Celtic folk to gypsy jazz. It is this versatility that makes them unique. Both Patrick and Patricia have a background in theatre and are seasoned performers, as well as being trained musicians with many years of study and experience. Their instrumentation includes vocals, Celtic harp, classical/acoustic guitars, mandolin, octave mandolin, Irish whistles, fiddle, and bodhran, zilla, castanets, other percussion instruments, and bass pedals. Playing/writing together for many years, both Patrick and Patricia can deliver emotional ballads, rollicking shenanigans, and instrumental solos with the energy and artistry that only comes with experience. Their influences include: Lunasa, Chieftains, Kim Robertson, Charlean Wallis, C.K.U.A.’s The Celtic Show, Life, Classical, Jazz, Ethnic/world.

Admission $7.50

Holy Trinity Anglican Church
1962 Murray Rd


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