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Open Climate Action Committee Meeting

Transition Sooke’s Climate Action Committee will be meeting on June 13th at Harbourside Co-housing in the Common Room at 6669 Horne Rd.  from 7-9:00 p.m.  Everyone is invited to attend.
For those who attended the June 4th talk by “The End of Ice” author and journalist Dahr Jamail presented by Transition Sooke, the fairly bleak report that he presented on the current state of our planet might seem overwhelming.  But we also heard wise and encouraging words, namely that we should remember our roles as stewards of the Earth and protectors of the environment for future generations and act accordingly.

The Climate Action Committee of Transition Sooke has been working since the start of the year on developing ideas for creating a more self-sufficient and resilient community as well as providing a forum for people to talk about how they are feeling about climate and ecological disarray.
Some of the actions that are being explored are:
A workshop and follow up with local governments on rainwater catchment systems.
Assisting local organizations, churches and individuals if they wish to divest from their investments in fossil fuels
Engaging the community through pop-up cafes.
Communicating our concerns and ideas to local governments.
Hosting a Green New Deal Town Hall in Sooke to explore what the public would like to see change and be created to make the community more inclusive, healthy.   

For more information email:  sooketransition@gmail.com

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