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Green New Deal

Climate Emergency: Where are we going?

 In May and June across Canada, people from all walks of life have been coming together in community-led town hall events to help shape a vision for our immediate future.  A Green New Deal for all.
 Sooke will be holding its own Green New Deal town hall on June 22nd from 2 - 5 pm at the Sooke Community Hall, downstairs.  Add your voice to our regional rural perspective. 
 Everyone is invited to attend; all ages, all points of view from Port Renfrew to Metchosin, and to add your ideas about what should and should not be part of a Green New Deal. 
Climate change and ecosystem breakdown is the defining crisis of our time.  But that's not the only thing keeping us up at night.  Many people are struggling to make ends meet or even to find an affordable place to live in a world where the gap between the very rich and everyone else continues to grow wider every year.  Hate crimes and racism are on the rise and promises to Indigenous people have yet to be implemented. People are gathering across the country because they want to create a shared vision of a more livable world for all.  
The ideas we compile at our Sooke Green New Deal Town Hall will be used as a basis for a follow up "barnstorming session" in September and they will also be forwarded to the volunteers who are collating the  collective vision for a Canadian Green New Deal.  This movement is being supported by almost 100 national and local NGO's (and growing). In the Sooke region it is being sponsored by Transition Sooke and organized by the Transition Sooke Climate Emergency group.  www.facebook.com/events/827631257606484/

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