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August 2017


In this Issue:


What is new in Sooke Region Volunteer Center?


  • About Us
  • Staff additions - An interview with Carol (coming soon)
  • Educational Sessions for Seniors

 Interesting Volunteer Opportunities

  • Golf Tournament - event helper
  • Fire Department
  • Meals on Wheels
  • Sooke Region Musem
  • Ayre Manor

Community Events 

  • Beach Art, Sept 2nd
  • Sooke Community Choir Fall Registration September 6th
  • Sooke Fall Fair, Sept 9th and 10th
  • Used Book Sale Sept 9th
  • Educational Sessions for Seniors September 12th
  • Golf Tournament September 14th
  • Seniors' Cafe at Vienna Bakery every Wednesday

About Us

Sooke Region Volunteer Center helps connect People with volunteer opportunities in the Sooke Region. We believe that volunteering is a pillar in everyone's life. Our mission is to inspire to volunteer. Please contact us and become a volunteer! Please check our Facebook Page at Sooke Region Volunteers or our website. We have a list of organizations looking for volunteers. Drop by our office we would love to know what you would like to do as a volunteer, what skills you have and what your background is.  We can refer you to a compatible organization in our region. It is easy and time efficient. You can volunteer once, only during summer time or all year round. You decide how much time you can dedicate.  Please do not wait. Give us a call. Our office hours are: Tuesdays and Thursdays: 12.30-4.30PM and our phone number is: 250-642-6364 Ext 235

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Staff Additions - An Interview with Carol Mallett

Carol Mallett has always been drawn to the French-Canadian joie de vivre, with its proud cultural heritage and picturesque language. She received her B.A. in French Language and Literature at York University, then did a year at the Université de Stasbourg in France to gain more fluency and learn about the birth place of the language. She has since had 32 wonderful years of teaching French, with forays into English 11 and Industrial Arts 8 (woodworking, sheet metal, and drafting). To top off her passion for “all things French”, she and husband David discovered – a mere eight years ago – that he is of Acadian French ancestry!

Carol also loves to volunteer. She has given years to various organizations in Sooke, starting in the 1990’s with the Sooke Garden Club. She has also volunteered at the original Sooke Seniors’ Drop-In Centre (where she “did Mondays”), Ayre Manor, Sooke Food CHI, and the Sooke Fine Arts Seniors’ Teas.

“The first time we did a Seniors’ Tea was a disaster,” she says. “None of us had ever worked in a restaurant and no one knew the first thing about it, but we survived!” By the third year, they thought they had the teas down to a fine art – only to blow the entire electrical system in the Sooke arena with their coffee urns!  “The electrician restored the hydro after half an hour of darkness and volunteers showing visitors “art by flashlight.” From that year on, her husband ran around the entire SEAPARC building with urns on trolleys to find outlets to provide enough “hot water” without blowing electrical circuits! "We never did live down that day!”

Though she has enjoyed all her volunteer opportunities, at least in hindsight as with the blown circuits, her greatest passion has been working with the members of SECHS (Sooke Elderly Citizens Housing Society) at Ayre Manor. There, she was a board member for 12-13 years, and wore many hats: acting as PR person and secretary, hosting Friday Night at the Movies, applying for grants to create the courtyard gardens, establishing Cooperative Scrabble Tournaments (a Carol invention, where all players at a table help find words, and the tables compete against each other), organizing Pot Planting days to create container gardens for patios and balconies, setting up the B’Ayre Essentials Shop, and party planning.

If you noticed the fun and games in her list, you’ve noticed an important theme in Carol’s approach. She loves morale-building activities. Chocolate fondue parties, an event designing Seniors’ Centres out of marshmallows and skewers (the tallest won!), decorating the halls with quilts and pictures, installing a Christmas train in the lounge, and helping to tie written regrets to balloons to release into the sky on New Year’s Eve, are a few examples.  

As she creates a sense of fun, for residents and participants alike, she also likes to create choices. She finds it sad that, as people age, many of their choices are taken from them. Carol does what she can to restore that sense of having the “freedom to choose.” Wistfulness also enters her voice as she speaks of Ayre Manor: “It was such a celebration when the new building opened on July 9, 2008. Such a neat thing for a small town. Ayre Manor is part of my soul.” 

When asked why she volunteers, Carol hands me a list, then says with a smile, “Volunteering gives craziness to my life … which I love!” 

The reason for the list? She has so many reasons to volunteer! She loves learning, meeting and being with others, and helping others in ways that exercise her own creativity and body, plus distracts her from her challenges.  When winter rains come, she feels cheered to have a volunteer activity, whether planning something at home or out meeting people. 

At the top of her “I-love-volunteering-because" list is this: “Helping meet the needs of others helps me to meet my own needs.” When asked to explain, she says that all people need to meet five basic needs to achieve a high quality of life, according to both the Quality Schools movement and her own experience.

Elements of survival;
Love and a sense of belonging;
Power to achieve, to sustain a feeling of
self worth;
Freedom to direct our lives;
Fun! As Carol says, “We need to laugh and to play to fill our lives with hope and joy.”

Carol devotes her volunteering life to helping people meet these five basic needs, and has increased the quality of life for many in her circle, as well as for herself. She is an inspiration to many. Without her giving spirit and effervescent spark, there would be less love and laughter in Sooke.

Thank you, Carol, and welcome to the Sooke Region Volunteer Centre staff!

Educational Sessions for Seniors - 

Our flyer with all information is available in most of our local businesses in Sooke. Yes, there are a lot of interesting sessions you can participate. You can join us for the Memoir Writing, Liveable Communities, Taste of India, Movies from Around the World, Fall Prevention, BC Transit and How to Prevent Financial Abuse sessions in September and October. All are by donation only, and free transportation is provided.

We are also planning sessions about Alzheimer, Downsizing, Nutrition Talk, Advance Health Care Directive, How to Make a Will, Introduction to Tablet, How to Communicate Through email and Skype a much, much more in coming months.

Please stay connected for more information. 

Our Volunteer Centre plays a significant role in those sessions. It will not be possible to have that extensive program in Sooke if we do not have our volunteers who invest their talents to support us.

Our volunteers are everywhere. They distribute flyers, are in the office to help with the program preparation, they will answer your phone calls, and there are so many of them during educational sessions to prepare and provide refreshment, welcome participants, check attendance, introduce our guest speakers. 


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Interesting Volunteer Opportunities

Golf Tournament - event helper September 14th!

Linda needs a couple more volunteers to help with setup in the morning (8 am to 11 am), another person at the bar tent (3 pm to 8 pm), and another person at the Chamber Hole. Please contact her, if you can. 250-507-772


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Volunteer Fire Department is looking for Volunteers

Volunteer Fire Departments everywhere are regularly looking for new members, especially people able to respond during the daytime. Volunteering with your local fire department is a great way to meet new people; learn new skills and get in shape. Volunteers not only protect their community, they also help to build community spirit.

For more information please join their event on September 6 7 PM-8.45PM at:

Sooke Fire Rescue Service
2225 Otter Point Road, Sooke V9Z 1J2

Meals on Wheels

Help feed people in need by getting involved with Meals on Wheels.

Meals on Wheels is a program in Sooke that provides people in need with nutritious, affordable meals. A small group of locals get together every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at the Sooke Community Hall and prepare fresh meals to be sent out.

Each meal costs $6 and is usually large enough to feed a customer for a full day.

Lorraine Hoy, who has been volunteering for more than 12 years, said Meals on Wheels prevents seniors from being put in a care home, by making sure they are OK when dropping off the food, and by giving them fully balanced meals.

“We keep a watchful eye on the community by delivering these meals,” said Hoy. “A lot of the seniors are very isolated, so it’s also nice for them to have a visit because most of the drivers will stay and chat for a bit with the customers when they deliver the food.”

Right now, Meals on Wheels is struggling to find enough volunteer drivers to help deliver the food.

Volunteer driver Cheryl Asham said her role is very rewarding because she loves being able to go into the senior’s homes and see them thriving, and knowing that they are getting the proper nutrition they need.

Each route takes a driver approximately an hour and allows them to see parts of Sooke they may not have seen before, and to help out people in their community.

“There’s nothing more gratifying than to know you are helping other seniors, being a senior myself,” said Asham. “Giving back is the most special gift to me.”

Sooke Region Museum is looking for volunteers!

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These are photos of one of the two narrow gauge rail engines the museum is restoring. We have come a long way, but we still have more to do. We are looking for more volunteers to help us. We usually get together on Tuesday mornings at 10:30 am to spend a couple of hours working on them. 

Ayre Manor

There are a lot of volunteer opportunities at Ayre Manor. 

Ayre Manor Lodge and Cottages

1) Essentials Shop Volunteer

2. Volunteer doing 1-on-1 activities with residents

3. Gardener

5. Ayre Manor Volunteer Coordination 

6. And much, much more. Please contact us for more information.

More volunteer opportunities.......

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Do you want to know what else you can do to help our community? Check our website for updated volunteer opportunities. There is a lot of options for almost everyone! Too many to mention them all.

Community Events

If you would like more information about community events please go to our calendar.

The community resources website www.sookeregionresources.com is funded in part by the


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