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March 2017

Issue No. 52 | April 1st, 2017

In this Issue:

Some interesting articles

  • 15 Unexpected Benefits of Volunteering That Will Inspire You
  • How Volunteer Programs Improve Employee Retention

What is new in Sooke and Area?

  • Community Volunteer Income Tax Program
  • Something New is Coming from GrantStation
  • Sooke Rotary Silent Auction and Spring Fair
  • The 3rd Annual ARTIFACTS show
  • Sponsorship team expects a family of four from Iraq to arrive shortly
  • 7th Annual Farm and Film Gala



15 Unexpected Benefits of Volunteering That Will Inspire You


Happy people volunteerinng at food bank.

If you have ever volunteered, you may have noticed that you felt fantastic afterward. Maybe you saw a little boost in your mood, or that you felt like part of a team. You felt like you made a difference.

When we volunteer, we may see real changes as a result of our efforts. We may even witness the effects that our efforts have on others in our community. When we volunteer, we know that we are helping others by giving our time and resources.

People volunteer for many reasons. It may be to support a cause they are passionate about or to engage in their community. We often volunteer to help groups or individuals who need it the most without expecting any reward.

Most of us want to help those less fortunate than ourselves. We do not volunteer, for the most part, because it benefits us. We volunteer because it makes a difference.

But, there are even more benefits to volunteering. We notice a subtle shift in ourselves when we volunteer. We feel more connected to others, and we become less absorbed in the normal stresses of daily life. We share our experiences with others and want to help more.

Sure, we know that volunteering makes us feel good. Yet, did you know that, when you volunteer, you are improving your life and maybe even your health?

The benefits of volunteering are countless. But there definitely are social, emotional, physical, and professional perks.



How Volunteer Programs Improve Employee Retentionention


by Tessa Srebro   14. March 2017   Employee Engagement, Employee Volunteer Programs   0

Guest post by Jon Hainstock

According to Dale Carnegie Training, companies with engaged employees outperform those without by up to 202%. Surprising?

It’s simple: when your employees aren’t engaged, they aren’t productive. They may even begin to explore outside opportunities if they sense that their current role with your company isn’t — and isn’t about to become — fulfilling.

According to a recent survey, one in five workers (22%) are looking to change jobs this year.

This is one of the reasons why employee retention initiatives have never been more important.

People in the office or workplace have the advantage of face-to-face contact that telecommuters don’t. You must have an engagement plan in place and execute against it if you wish to keep the team you’ve worked so hard to build. Beware of disconnection and a lack of proper recognition and feedback.

So, what’s a possible answer?

Volunteer programs can bring people together, give them purpose in their work, instill pride in your company, and increase their conviction that your company is doing something worthwhile in the world. Plus, you’re helping give back to your community. Are you taking advantage of all an employee volunteer program has to offer??

Volunteering Encourages Teamwork and Collaboration

Roughly 75% of employees rate teamwork and collaboration as “very important,” according to ClearCompany. Are you prioritizing teambuilding activities within your company?

Your team will become more productive and effective if they collaborate and work together. Why? A team is made up of a group of people, and when those people bond together and understand each other, they become better able to support each other in their work. And isn’t this what every manager or executive wishes to see happen in the workplace — a motivated, autonomous, and effective team?

Volunteer programs can create this much-needed bond. As your employees begin to work together toward a common goal in their volunteering efforts, you’ll see increased collaboration carried over into the workplace as well.

Volunteering Can Translate into Leadership Development

Not interested in helping your team members grow and advance in their careers? That doesn’t bode well for your employee retention efforts.

According to Training Magazine, 83% of organizations said that targeted development for all leader levels is “important” or “very important.” Yet, only 5% have implemented solutions at all job levels.

People today are not looking for dead-end jobs. They want to explore the outer reaches of their potential and have a clearly laid out career path before them.

Volunteer programs give your workers a way to dig deeper into their personal growth, and if you’re looking to develop future leaders within your company, you’ll see your team members come to life. People that aren’t natural leaders sometimes rise to new levels, discover new talents, and gain a broader perspective on the world when they’re engaged in volunteerism.

If you want to foster more ownership from employees within your organization, volunteering may be a good way to bring this skill into fruition.

Volunteering Instills a Sense of Purpose in Your Team

Do your employees take their jobs seriously? Do they understand how important their role is in your company?

The reality is that many workers are unclear about how what they’re doing fits into the bigger picture of the business. According to one survey, 53% of employees said they wish they had more insight into how their effort affected their employer’s bottom line. This was especially true for younger employees with 64% of those ages 18-34 wishing they had more insight.

You may know how important their work is and why, but if they’re just doing the same work day-in day-out, they’re going to lose perspective over time.

When people volunteer, they are often in direct contact with people that have great needs. They begin to understand how valuable their time and efforts are. This gives them a mission and a sense of purpose. Again, this can carry over into their duties at work too.

Additionally, people are proud to work with organizations that are making a difference in the world. This can mean different things to different people. One survey found that 65% of people across various countries want to work for an organization with a strong social conscience.

If they don’t believe the company they’re working for is contributing to society, or isn’t trustworthy in some way, they won’t take pride in their work and will begin to feel disheartened. More than ever, people want to make a difference and give back. Volunteering gives them that much-needed outlet.


On the surface, it’s easy to see outside activities — such as volunteerism — as being a waste of time. Don’t limit yourself to this short-term thinking. When you understand that volunteering gives your team members greater purpose, you’ll see that your community isn’t the only one that benefits when you encourage your workers to do give back.

About the Author: Jon Hainstock is the co-founder of ZoomShift, scheduling & time clock software designed for hourly employees. Jon lives in Burlington, WI with his wife Grace, and children June, Evelyn and Charlie. Connect with Jon on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Medium and Instagram.


What is new in Sooke and Area?



Community Volunteer Income Tax Program



In partnership this year with Saint Vincent de Paul, the Sooke Region Volunteer Centre is once again sponsoring the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program (CVITP) for individuals and couples earning less than $40,000 in 2016. We are partnering with Saint Vincent de Paul for this initiative.

This free service will be available from MARCH 1st - APRIL 21st. 

Our registered tax preparer will prepare income tax and benefit returns for eligible individuals. This service is available in both English and French. Contact us at 250-642-6364 ext 235 for an appointment or email coordinator@sookeregionvolunteers.org.


Launching the New GrantStation!




A new GrantStation is coming in early April 2017. We will still have the same great content and the same high-quality listings of grantmakers. However, we are building a more advanced platform so that we can start delivering new tools and functionality for our valued Members.
You will find a new look, new navigation, new search interfaces, and additional charitable database search criteria.
Click here to learn more, and stay tuned for additional details about the launch and future enhancements.
Once we launch, we will want to know what you think! All of our changes are driven by our conversations with our Members, so we look forward to hearing your feedback.
If you have any questions in the meantime, feel free to reach out to David Preis, our Director of Member Services, at david.preis@grantstation.com.

Rotary Club of Sooke Spring Auction and Fair


The 3rd Annual ARTIFACTS show


The third annual ARTiFACTS art show is on its way at the Sooke Region Museum this spring. Organized by the Sooke Community Arts Council, this exhibit will run from April 28 to May 28. The Upstairs Gallery at the Museum is open Tuesday to Sunday 9 am to 5 pm. ARTiFACTS will feature local art by both established and up.

Sponsorship team expects a family of four from Iraq to arrive shortly


Imagine risking your life to take your children from persecution and war to safety. Imagine leaving behind everything to try for a new start in Canada, then waiting almost three years to find out whether you will be given a chance.

Imagine you are finally are told ‎”yes”!

It is with great delight the Team Sooke/Juan de Fuca Refugee Sponsorship Committee announces that the Iraqi family of four they are sponsoring has been officially accepted to Canada.

The next wait is for the travel documents to be arranged. This could take as little as six weeks, but could take several more months. In the meantime, the parents and their two daughters (13 and 21) are working hard on English, and learning everything they can about their new home. They know this has been a community-wide effort, and look forward to moving to such a welcoming place.

Team Sooke/JdF is doing their best to make plans without yet having an arrival date. The priority is to begin the search for affordable accommodation. They are hoping for:

Two or three bedrooms
Near the main bus route (61)
Ideally in the Sooke town core

The sponsorship group will sign a lease on behalf of the family, and will guarantee that the property will be maintained according to the terms of the lease.

If anyone has a lead on a property that might be available this spring or early summer, they should phone Howard Taylor at 250.642.0908, or send an email to teamsookejuandefuca@gmail.com

Awareness Film Night and Sooke Region Food CHI will present our 7th annual Farm and Film Gala on April 12th.



Doors open at 6:30 for stocking up, browsing and noshing in the theatre foyer.  The film will start at 7:45 and the evening will conclude with gift basket draws at 9:20.  
The featured film will be "Seed: The Untold Story".  96% of the vegetable seeds available in 1903 have disappeared according to a National Geographic article that inspired this well-paced, comprehensive and beautifully-filmed documentary.  Yet seed diversity is crucial to prevent the collapse of our world-wide food systems and ecologies.  The film takes moviegoers around the world to meet farmers, scientists, seed savers, educators, lawyers and indigenous communities who are waking up to the need to save local, acclimated, not genetically modified seeds.
Vendors will be selling local seeds, plants, first-of-the-season produce and other products created from locally harvested ingredients.  There will be information tables from regional non-profits concerned with land, growing and sustainability and The EMCS Culinary Arts students will be preparing healthy cookies (by donation) to go with freshly-brewed local herb teas.  Gift baskets will be filled with items donated by the vendors.
The Gala will be held at the Edward Milne Community School, 6218 Sooke Rd.  Admission is by donation.


This is free (to you) marketing and promotion.  We encourage you include it in your regular marketing plans.
Press release, special requests for assistance, AGM information, or whatever you need to get the word out about.  It must be related to something happening within the Sooke region (Beecher Bay to Port Renfrew).  Your logo and or a quality photo will help create eye appeal.  We post it here in our Community Connections Newsletter and then share to our Facebook page 'Sooke Region Volunteers'. 
www.sookeregionresources.com is designed for organizations to create and manage their own listings for timeliness and accuracy.  New listings do not show up immediately as they must go through a security check.  Organizations may have more than one user account and password.
Feature Banner on home-page:  We require a write-up in text format and a quality .jpg photograph (at least 1100 x 300 pixels).  Landscape format generally works the best.  These we create upon request and are usually for special events and can run for up to a month before the event.
We are here to help.  For collaborative endeavours we can create listings and promote as our contribution.  We also provide support to smaller organizations without technical capacity.
The community resources website www.sookeregionresources.com is funded in part by the


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The Sooke Region Age-Friendly committee has come up with an initiative to support seniors.

Susan Nyikes of Little Vienna Bakery was so kind as to agree to host this weekly event at her fine establishment. She offers her usual Seniors' discount, but insists that there is no pressure to buy as she understands the importance of such social gatherings.
Kay Forde of the Sooke Seniors' Bus is willing to have the Seniors' Bus provide door to door service. Details are on the poster.

Location: Little Vienna Bakery

Time: 9.30-11.00am

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