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February 2017

The Sooke Rotary Auction & Spring Fair promises a day of fun, food, and bargains galore. Come have some fun and support a good cause -- this event funds much of the club's community service projects.

Issue No. 51 | March 1st, 2017

In this Issue:

Volunteer Handbook

Community Volunteer Income Tax Program

Volunteer Victoria March Workshops

Volunteering Boosts Tolerance


Non-Profit Job Opportunities



Volunteer Handbook


This handbook provides the step by step process on how to help people find volunteer engagement programs in their community. This easy to use handbook includes the benefits of volunteering, rights and responsibilities of a volunteer, latest volunteer engagement tools/resources, skills needed to be a great volunteer and the health benefits of volunteering. It will be made available on our new website. Feel free to share it with your network of volunteers.
Stay tuned for next handbook in the series - 
How to Start a Volunteer Program.


Community Volunteer Income Tax Program

In partnership this year with Saint Vincent de Paul, the Sooke Region Volunteer Centre is once again sponsoring the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program (CVITP) for individuals and couples earning less than $40,000 in 2016. We are partnering with Saint Vincent de Paul for this initiative.

This free service will be available from MARCH 1st - APRIL 21st. 

Our registered tax preparer will prepare income tax and benefit returns for eligible individuals. This service is available in both English and French. Contact us at 250-642-6364 ext 235 for an appointment or email coordinator@sookeregionvolunteers.org.

Volunteer Victoria March Workshops

What Now... That the BC Societies Act is in Force?
Learn essential parts of this legislation that your board and senior manager need to know and act on to be compliant.
Thursday, March 2nd | 4 pm - 7 pm 
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Workplace and Volunteer Safety: Tools & Tips by WorkSafe BC
Here's your chance to catch up on workplace safety according to WorkSafe BC. What do your safety systems look like for your paid staff and volunteers? How do you train the people working in your organization? How do you know the systems are being followed?
Tuesday, March 7th | 10 am - 11 am
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Building Blocks of Budgets for Non-Profits
Learn the fundamental components of designing an effective budget as well as the budgeting process. Participants in this workshop will take-away tools and approaches that will streamline the overall budget experience.
Wednesday, March 15th | 5 pm - 7 pm
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Governance salon: The last chance to ask what you always wanted to know about governance and the BC Societies Act
We will answer the tough questions together. What’s the impact of the new legislation on how we operate as a board and as an organization? Should our senior manage be a Director and what does that actually mean? Should the members elect the Officers or should the members elect the directors and the directors elect the Officers? 
Thursday, March 23rd | 1 pm - 3 pm
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Volunteering Boosts Tolerance, New Study Finds
Volunteering boosts tolerance, new study finds 15:58Wednesday 22 February 2017 0 HAVE YOUR SAY As intolerance and hate crime continue to rise, a new study by national disability charity Revitalize to mark Student Volunteering Week has discovered that student volunteers are leading the way when it comes to making society a more tolerant place. “This proves that, whatever one’s motives for volunteering in the first place, the experience leads to more confident, engaged and tolerant individuals – and this in turn makes society a better place.
To read more, click here.

Just a reminder... our Sooke Region Volunteer Centre offers free access to GrantStation. It is an online resource for building a strong grant seeking strategy.

They have divided their service into four key areas:


Find the funding information that is relevant for your organization and programs. 

Quality Grantmaker Profiles:

We feature profiles of thousands of grantmakers in an easy-to-read, narrative format.

Our researchers update these profiles throughout the year, providing you with the most current information available.

Our researchers are professional writers, who distil the information about each grantmaker, generating the specific information you need to quickly identify the most appropriate funder for your project or program. 

We note each grantmaker's specific geographic scope, be it national, state, county or city level.

One-Stop Shopping:

We offer searchable databases for private and government grantmakers throughout the U.S., Canada, and internationally, all under one roof.

We have one level of Membership which provides you access to ALL of the resources and tools on the GrantStation website. 

Saving You Time:

Your search will only return those grantmakers who are actively engaged, accepting unsolicited grant requests in the coming year, and making awards to a variety of organizations. 

You can search by Funder Name, by Keyword, or by using our Advanced Search, which uses robust Search Terms based on the language of the grantmaker. 


Job Opportunities

The Community Connections Newsletter is an information source for all things volunteer and non-profit.  We obtain most of our information on jobs in the non-profit sector from information received from Volunteer Victoria.  These jobs could be anywhere in the lower island.  For Sooke jobs, though not necessarily in the non-profit sector, we recommend SookePocketNews as the widest source of local job information we have seen compiled.
Check out the latest job postings from Volunteer Victoria in their Oct. 27th/16 newsletter.


This is free (to you) marketing and promotion.  We encourage you include it in your regular marketing plans.
Press release, special requests for assistance, AGM information, or whatever you need to get the word out about.  It must be related to something happening within the Sooke region (Beecher Bay to Port Renfrew).  Your logo and or a quality photo will help create eye appeal.  We post it here in our Community Connections Newsletter and then share to our Facebook page 'Sooke Region Volunteers'. 
www.sookeregionresources.com is designed for organizations to create and manage their own listings for timeliness and accuracy.  New listings do not show up immediately as they must go through a security check.  Organizations may have more than one user account and password.
Feature Banner on home-page:  We require a write-up in text format and a quality .jpg photograph (at least 1100 x 300 pixels).  Landscape format generally works the best.  These we create upon request and are usually for special events and can run for up to a month before the event.
We are here to help.  For collaborative endeavours we can create listings and promote as our contribution.  We also provide support to smaller organizations without technical capacity.
The community resources website www.sookeregionresources.com is funded in part by the


Facebook icon.

National Volunteer Week is a time to celebrate and thank volunteers.  We will post more here shortly.

WHEN: March 1st – April 21st, 2017 Wednesdays and Fridays 9:00-3:30 

WHERE: At the Sooke Hope Center 6750 West Coast Road Sooke Regional Volunteer Centre in partnership with Saint Vincent de Paul offers

FREE Income Tax preparation for low income individuals, youth, seniors and people with disabilities. Eligible income threshold for individual or couple is $ 40,000.

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