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Create U Coaching primarily works with folks 50+ that want to create a fulfilling and thriving life aligned with their true purpose, passion and interests.

The Challenge

Men and women between fifty and seventy-five are “neither young nor old.” In our youth obsessed society, baby boomers are challenging the stereotypes and cultural norms of aging. Today people are living longer, are healthier and as a result, raises many interesting questions on how to compose their lives during this stage of their life.

After years of focusing their attention on making money, their careers and/or raising a family many have come to this stage of life unprepared! Even when folks have chosen semi-retirement or retirement, they are surprised to experience opposing emotions, such as loss and freedom.  It is often difficult to “let go of the familiar”….the recognition for your expertise, your status, the familiarity of your routine and at the same time “embracing the new, and as yet unfamiliar ways.”  

The Opportunity

To make the most of this stage of life it is important to develop a compelling vision for yourself.  A vision that recognizes that this could be a transformative time where you explore, change, master and channel your energies, skills and passions towards endeavors that are most meaningful to you. The list of endeavors is endless, it could include returning to school, becoming involved in community work, establishing the career you always wanted, learning how to play a new instrument, increase your health and fitness, or join social groups.  What’s really important is that it is your own unique vision of how you want to live your life!

Create U Coaching offers individual coaching and group workshops where you can explore and define what a fulfilling and thriving life would look like for you and to identify specific goals, actions and a personal road map to achieve your vision. For more information contact Johanna Scholten at 778.676.0688, createucoaching@gmail.com and check our website at createucoach.com

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